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Welcome to Practical Cooks!

Practical Cooks is your one-stop shop for answers to your burning (no, not like that) food questions as well as food guides, recipes, cooking and kitchen tips, and more.

Established in 2022, we provide valuable resources and must-have information on ingredients, meal-prep, cooking methods and more.

Plus, all the myriad questions you have on freezing, microwaving, reheating and storing food, glorious food!


Anton – Head Chef

I set up Practical Cooks in February 2022 to scratch my own itch. I wanted to have a place to answer all the cooking questions I have been asked over the years, as a passionate lover of food and an OK (?!) chef.

How long can pasta last in the fridge? Can I reheat x, y and z? These questions come up all time, and I wanted to be able to point people towards my answers, and have somewhere to document them all.

I also recruited a chef to help me with recipe content. Liz is a vegan chef but you should find all the dishes in that section delicious whether you are vegan or not!

The result is Practical Cooks – a place for anyone looking for solid, informative cooking tips and guides!

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Elizabeth – Sous-Chef

Elizabeth is our resident vegan chef, copywriter and content creator! She manages and runs various social media groups and pages (including her own online campervan community), but also helps out on occasion with vegan recipes, how-to guides and listicles (such as our EPIC guide on what you need in your veggie pantry!

Elizabeth is a joy to work with, full of enthusiasm, and of course, a fantastic chef! And if you’re interested in hiring her for a project, you can find her here!

Editorial Policy

Some helpful notes:

  • Practical Cooks is independently owned and operated.
  • We research all topics and strive and check for accuracy at all times. Should you have any feedback on my content however, please do share it. I love to hear from fellow chefs!

I hope you enjoy the website and you can share any feedback or requests for topics – just drop us an email via the Contact page. Or check us out on Facebook or Twitter!