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Can Betty Crocker Cookie Icing Expire Or Go Bad?

Can Betty Crocker Cookie Icing Expire Or Go Bad?

Let’s face it, most baked goods taste better with icing. After all, what is a cake without frosting? We all know a non-iced cupcake might as well be a muffin. Even doughnuts are tastier with some drizzly glaze. But cookies?

For years, people were perfectly happy to simply dip their frostless cookies in some milk and call it a night. Then, Betty Crocker that iconic symbol of baking, came up with the cookie icing!

That wholesome representation of everything that is good about baking came up with a way to make cookies even more delicious. So, we buy it, of course. Maybe we use it right away or perhaps we put it away and forget about it.

Then one day, we find it and wonder if this tasty creation is still good. Does Betty Crocker cookie icing expire or go bad? The short answer is no. Technically, the cookie icing will not expire.

That’s right, Betty Crocker is such a boss that they use a few simple ingredients:

  • sugar
  • water
  • corn syrup
  • preservatives

These ingredients do not spoil, that is why there is no expiration date on the cookie icing package.

These ingredients do not spoil

That’s not to say it won’t lose some of its flavor over time or become unusable. For instance, the main ingredient, sugar, has an indefinite shelf life but over time, it will become lumpy and hard.

It is possible that if left lying around for a long time, the icing will liquefy and become unusable. But in terms of safety, as long as the cookie icing has not been opened or damaged, the age of the product will not cause harm.

What Should You Do With An Opened Package Of Betty Crocker Cookie Icing?

While Betty Crocker recommends that their regular frosting be refrigerated after opening, this does not include the cookie icing.

The storage instructions for the icing state to secure the cap on the pouch and store at room temperature. If you like, pop it in a zip bag and date it. Putting it in the fridge could make it hard and change the consistency.


How Do You Tell If Betty Crocker Cookie Icing Is Not Good To Use?

How Do You Tell If Betty Crocker Cookie Icing Is Not Good To Use

As stated, it won’t expire, but it can go bad if not properly stored. If you want to ensure the sustainability of your icing:

tightly sealed

away from sunlight

away from heat sources

away from humidity and moisture

Any of these things could cause the icing to change in consistency and texture. It may become runny, hardened, or become grainy. This will give it a poor taste and probably make it impossible to use.


Is Betty Crocker Cookie Icing the Same As Betty Crocker Frosting?

Is Betty Crocker Cookie Icing the Same As Betty Crocker Frosting

Though we often use the terms to mean the same thing, frosting and icing are different. They are meant for different recipes. Frosting is usually fluffier and thicker than icing.

We typically use frosting on cakes. Icing is thinner, more delicate so to speak. It sets faster and is not spreadable like frosting. The icing needs to be poured, squeezed, spooned or drizzled onto the baked goods.

Betty Crocker cookie icing is specifically made for cookies and will not work well with anything else.


Is Betty Crocker Cookie Icing Easy To Use?

Is Betty Crocker Cookie Icing Easy To Use

Betty Crocker cookie icing is made super easy to use. The company believes in getting the entire family in on the baking fun. So they try to make all their products kid-friendly as well.

The icing comes in a bag with a built-in tip, so there’s no need to buy anything extra. There’s no need to heat it and no other prep work is required. Just cut the tip and get to decorating. One pouch will decorate 2-3 dozen cookies.


How Long Will Betty Crocker Cookie Icing Take To Harden?

How Long Will Betty Crocker Cookie Icing Take To Harden

The icing will usually set in about 4 minutes. This means it won’t run or ooze. However, you should not stack your cookies on top of each other for about 4 hours. This is to ensure any decorations you have made don’t get ruined.


Can You Eat Betty Crocker Cookie Icing By Itself?

Can You Eat Betty Crocker Cookie Icing By Itself

Yes. As long as you have no dietary restrictions. Eating the icing by itself is no different than eating it on a cookie. Just don’t eat too much, or a bellyache could occur.


How Should You Store Betty Crocker Cookie Icing?

How Should You Store Betty Crocker Cookie Icing

Now that you have made your cookies and iced them with the delicious Betty Crocker icing, you may want to know if they need to be stored a special way.

Cookies that have icing can be left at room temperature or stored in the fridge. So long as you put them in an airtight container, it’s just a matter of preference.

Either way, the cookies will be best if you eat them within 2-3 days. It’s not recommended that you freeze cookies with icing. They don’t fare well in the freezer.


Betty Crocker Fun Facts

1. Betty Crocker was not a real person.

2. The name Crocker was chosen to honor the company’s original director, William Crocker.

3. The photo of Betty Crocker products is not of one woman. It’s a combination of several women that worked in the baking department.

4. The Betty Crocker signature that is on each box was created by a female employee.

5. The Betty Crocker cookbook is the best-selling cookbook of all time.