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Do Doritos expire? How long do they last?

Do Doritos expire? How long do they last?

Doritos are a typical kind of corn chips. They are salty, crispy, and addicting. Eating a family-sized bag of Doritos can take some time, depending on who you are. Some might even eat that much in a week.

You recently discovered a forgotten bag of Doritos in the back of your cupboard, wondering if they have expired. But do Doritos expire? Do they go bad?

There has yet to be a definite expiration date for Doritos stored in sealed bags. Sealed, unopened Doritos can stay fresh for several months and still be safe to consume.

However, if you have opened the bag, its freshness will depend on how well you store them. In a nutshell, Doritos usually don’t spoil quickly if you store them correctly.

In this article, we’ll be examining what affects the shelf life of Doritos and how to make them last longer. We’ll also discuss how to check if your Doritos have gone bad and determine how long they can stay good after the use-by date.

Sell-by dates on chips aren’t necessarily a sign of when you should consume them. Chips are in the food category, the sell-by date is different from a use-by date, and these are also different from the expiration date.

Eating the chips after the use-by date is okay, as there’s no strict time frame you have to adhere to–there isn’t a hard and fast rule regarding chip use-by date. This date is there to guarantee freshness and not for safety.

There are several ways to check if the Doritos in your pantry is something you can eat.

What’s The Average Shelf Life Of Doritos?

What’s The Average Shelf Life Of Doritos?

Doritos have an extended shelf life due to their low moisture content. Compared to other chips with higher oil content, they remain fresher and last longer.

For a few months, Doritos can stay fresh and crispy in their unopened state. They are flushed with nitrogen to take out the oxygen from the bag, which makes them last longer.

If you open the bag, they will still be at their best quality for up to one month. Even if they stay for a couple of months afterward, their quality lowers, but they’ll still be safe to eat.

Corn chips are proven to maintain freshness for longer than regular potato chips. This can be achieved through an extra baking process and the additional salt used, simultaneously keeping moisture out of the packet and preventing bacterial growth.

How Long Can Doritos Stay Good After The Used-By Date?

How Long Can Doritos Stay Good After The Used-By Date?

Expiring dates can be tricky to understand, so it’s better to use the date on your Doritos as a reference point suggested by the manufacturer. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to trash the product after this date, but it could be of lower quality than before.

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You’ll enjoy your bites if the chips still have crunchiness and a fresh smell and flavor.

How To Know If Your Doritos Have Gone Bad?

How To Know If Your Doritos Have Gone Bad?

Many people find it hard to determine when Doritos have expired because there’s no expiry date printed on the packet. The best-before date is nothing to go by, but some factors affect how long they remain fresh after leaving the store shelf.

To ensure your Doritos are fresh, it is essential to look for other cues. While the probability of this happening is low, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s okay to consume Doritos that have been sitting for a while. However, it’s best to throw away the entire bag if you see anything unusual, like mold, white spots, foul odor or taste.

Play it safe and throw out the Doritos. Although it can be painful, it’s the best decision in such a case. So avoid taking the chance.

How Should Doritos Be Stored?

How Should Doritos Be Stored?

The storage method plays a significant role in extending the shelf life of your Doritos.

If you store them properly, you can significantly extend their shelf life. Keep them airtight in a cool, dry place, and pay extra attention to humidity levels, especially if you stay in a humid area. This will help protect your Doritos from going bad too quickly.

Moisture contamination can cause the chips to develop mold spores if not stored properly. It is best to store them in their original packaging after you open them. Making sure the bag is firmly closed or rolled down tightly will help prevent this.

Even if you have yet to open your Doritos, keeping them away from direct sunlight is advisable. They react poorly when exposed too much to sunlight and may not taste the same.

Fortunately, their airtight packaging protects them effectively against moisture, so there is no need to worry much about moisture.

Can Doritos Be Frozen?

Can Doritos Be Frozen?

Do you know Doritos can be frozen? Some people keep them in the freezer to elongate their shelf life– and some, to enhance its flavor. Do this especially for open bags, since they go bad faster.

However, an extended stay in the freezer can affect the texture of the chips, making them more brittle and reducing their crunchiness. Aside from this, your Doritos will be okay, and will have significantly extended their shelf life; provided that you store them properly, they should be alright.

Can Overstayed Doritos Harm You?

While Doritos that have been around for a while may not taste or feel the best, they won’t make you sick or harm you. It’s better to have some stale chips than no chips at all!

Whether you choose to keep or discard your Doritos is a personal decision. If you prefer not to throw away food, eating them is no harm. Many people also suggest that they can be revived by re-baking them in the oven.

Overstayed Doritos might not go well with sensitive stomachs. However, they can’t give you food poisoning or be a threat to your overall health.