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How Long Does Fresh Ginger Tea Last?

How Long Does Fresh Ginger Tea Last?

Last Updated on August 5, 2023 by Practical Cooks

Ginger tea has excellent benefits and is a popular drink among many people. It is consumed hot or cold and does have an expiration time. So, how long does ginger tea last?

Ginger tea can last up to five days if stored properly in the fridge. It must not stay at room temperature for storage. The tea will begin to spoil after several hours.

Read more of what is added to find more information about how long ginger tea lasts and all about proper storage. We even have a treat: a recipe for making ginger tea.

How to Make Ginger Tea Last

How to Make Ginger Tea Last

Ginger tea must be stored in a cold location like the refrigerator or freezer. The key is what it is stored in to get a good picture of how long the ginger tea will stay fresh.

The tea can last four to five days in the fridge and stay fresh for about two months in the freezer. It can be put in a cool and dark location if consumed on the same day. If it stays at room temperature for that time, it must go in the fridge and be used within 24 hours. Eight hours is the limit.

Storing it in the fridge, the tea must drop to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator. It must have a properly sealed cover to ensure freshness. Never put it directly from boiling into the fridge. The sharp drop in temperature could lessen the lifespan of freshness.

Storing it in the freezer will last longer and hold the flavor for about two months. The tea is best kept in ice trays or a freezer-safe container. If a sealed freezer-safe container is used, it will last about six months. Thawing it out is easy. Place it in the fridge when you are ready to serve, and let it thaw for several hours.

The Taste of Ginger Tea

The Taste of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has a spiced-up flavor that is unique with an earthly taste. It is compared with a citrus pepper with a bit of sweetness. The tea’s strength depends on how much ginger is boiled and how much the person can stand.

The tea is good, hot or cold. When consumed hot, it makes the perfect tea mixture, and when cold, it leaves a refreshing sensation for the body and taste buds. Most people will add lemons or honey to add more flavor.

How to Make Iced Ginger Tea

How to Make Iced Ginger Tea

Brewing tea has been around for centuries. Ginger tea is one of the most brewed around the world. These are the steps to making a refreshing drink on a hot day.

  • Step 1: Peel the skin off of the ginger with the side of a spoon and slice it.
  • Step 2: Store the excess ginger in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer.
  • Step 3: Add water to the ginger. The measure of water used will determine how much is made.
  • Step 4: Bring the mixture to a boil and steep for up to 45 minutes.
  • Step 5: Use a strainer, pour the strained liquid into a serving pitcher, and let it cool down.
  • Step 6: Pour the tea over some ice and serve.

Special note: If you wish to serve it hot after the mixture boils, let it simmer for about ten minutes, strain, then serve. Add a lemon or orange slice and maple syrup or honey for complimentary flavors.

Different Additions to Ginger Tea

Different Additions to Ginger Tea

More ingredients can go with ginger tea. Some may surprise you, but they have been around for a long time in different cultures. Below are the most common around the world:

  1. Ginger-Turmeric Tea: It may go sliced in with ginger.
  2. Ginger-Cinnamon Tea: Place a cinnamon stick in between boiling and simmering.
  3. Ginger-Mint Tea: Add a few mint leaves to the mixture between boiling and simmering.


How long should you boil ginger tea?

The minimum time set should be ten minutes. Some people will boil it for 20 minutes or over. Boiling the ginger tea for longer gives the tea a tangier flavor. Less time gives it an earthy flavor.

Should I let the ginger tea steep or let it simmer?

Should I let the ginger tea steep or let it simmer

It is best to let the ginger tea steep when looking to make a cold, refreshing drink. When serving the tea hot, it is best to simmer it to keep it hot. About 30 to 40 minutes is the time limit to steep, but it is all at the person’s preference.

Does ginger tea go well with alcohol?

Yes, a special drink called a Hot Toddy Cocktail is served with ginger tea, lemons, honey, and your favorite choice of alcohol. It is a relaxing drink served in the evenings and chilled with ice for the perfect alcoholic beverage.