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Can You Microwave Coconut Oil? (Steps to Follow)

Can You Microwave Coconut Oil? (Steps to Follow)

Many people who like to cook and eat healthy use coconut oil because of its many health benefits. Using coconut oil to cook food has been a tradition in Asia for as long as people have been cooking there.

You can microwave or cook coconut oil. Heating the oil is not dangerous. However, you will want to exercise caution using several tips and tricks. If you take the wrong steps, your coconut oil might not come out as you were hoping.

In this article, you will learn how to microwave coconut oil safely. Read on for our best tips and related questions on this topic.

Microwaving Coconut Oil – Step By Step

The process is easy, but you also must be careful. Heated coconut oil is like any other oil. If you cook it too much, you remove its health benefits.

Because it is oil, if you spill it on yourself, you will experience a painful burn. It’s essential to take care. Here are some tips on how to microwave coconut oil.

Remember Coconut Oil Reduces When Hot

Add in a little more coconut oil than you think you will need. Adding more will help you regulate the amount of oil you have to work with once it is hot. Coconut oil will reduce by about 10 percent once it is heated.

Is coconut oil healthy, and if so, what are the benefits

Use a Safe Container

Pour your coconut oil into a heat-resistant container with a little extra because of the reduction. The container must be able to withstand hot oil without going soft or melting.

You should not add flimsy plastic containers to the microwave.

Never add metal to the microwave, or you may explode the microwave and get hurt.

Heat, Stir, Heat, Stir

Here’s a guide on how to cook coconut oil in the microwave:

  1. Put the container of coconut oil into the microwave and heat it at full power for 15 seconds.
  2. Remove the container and stir the coconut oil.
  3. Make sure it is well mixed, and return it to the microwave.
  4. Heat it for another 15 seconds and remove it.
  5. Check if the oil is the temperature and consistency you want. If it is, you’re finished.
  6. If it is not ready, return the dish to the microwave and heat it for another 15 seconds.

If you heat it for a third time or more, be very careful as it is scalding hot oil at that point.

There is another way you can use the microwave to heat coconut oil:

  • Heat a glass or bowl of water until it is almost too hot for touching.
  • Put your coconut oil in a waterproof bottle and put the bottle into the water.
  • Let it sit and warm the coconut oil.
  • If it does not get warm enough, go through that process again

Can you melt coconut oil in the microwave

Related Questions

Here are two questions that frequently accompany the question of whether you can microwave coconut oil.

Is coconut oil healthy, and if so, what are the benefits?

It is not the healthiest oil on the planet, but it is generally nutritious. For cooking, because it is saturated fat, coconut oil is excellent.


Can you melt coconut oil in the microwave?

No. The temperature that coconut oil “melts” is about 60 degrees hotter than a microwave can warm up food. You can get it hot enough to burn you, though.