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How Long Does Campbell’s Soup Last? Does It Go Bad?

How Long Does Campbell’s Soup Last? Does It Go Bad?

Very few things in life provide the nostalgia and comfort of a warm bowl of Campbell’s Soup. In fact, Campbell’s Soup has been providing comfort since 1897.

But if you have a few cans of Campbell’s Soup in your pantry, you may be wondering how long it will stay good.

Even though Campbell’s Soup has a “Best Used By” or “Best Used Before” date printed on the container and may lose some nutritional value as time goes on, if stored properly, Campbell’s Soup will not go bad or expire.

How Long Will Campbell’s Soup Stay Fresh After You Open the Can?

The easiest way to make Campbell’s Soup last long and stay fresh is not to open it. But after you open your can of soup, you can do a few things to keep it fresh.

First, you must transfer your soup to a different container from the metal container. If you leave it in the metal container, once exposed to the air, the metal elements will start to bleed into the soup, giving it a metallic taste.

You can store your soup in a refrigerator in a safe container, like a plastic or glass container, for up to three days. Ensure that you cover the soup; otherwise, yeast or bacteria will grow.

What Can I Add To My Campbells Soup To Enhance the Flavor

How Can I Tell if My Campbell’s Soup Has Gone Bad?

One surefire method to tell if your Campbell’s Soup has gone bad before you open it is to take a close look at the can. If you notice that the can is bulging at any place or is leaking, then you should throw the can away immediately.

If you notice any rust on the can, that could also be a sign that something developed inside. It is better just to throw the can away than to risk getting sick.

Severe dents, leaks, or rust can allow bacteria to grow inside the can and turn your soup bad.

Once you open the can, if you hear a hissing sound or the soup splashes or spurts out at you, then that means the soup has started to ferment, and it needs to be tossed out immediately.

Always check the soup for mold or discoloration and smell the soup as well.

Is There an Official Expiration Date for a Can of Campbell’s Soup?

The “Use By Date” stamped on a can of Campbell’s Soup establishes the shelf life. All of Campbell’s Soup has a shelf life of a minimum of two years if properly stored and maintained.

However, most Campbell’s Soup will last for at least two years after the posted expiration date and even longer.

What Is the Best Way To Prepare a Can of Campbell’s Soup?

Now that you know the answer to “does Campbell’s Soup go bad or expire?”, let’s explore some options on how to best prepare this delicious soup.

Campbell’s Soup is effortless and straightforward to prepare. It also does not require much time or kitchen utensils. Campbell’s Soup comes already cooked when you buy it, so you are not actually “cooking” the soup; instead, you are simply warming it up.

You can accomplish this in two different ways. You can use the traditional stove top method. All you need to do is empty the soup can contents into a pot, cover the pot with a lid, turn the heat on and let the soup simmer at a low temperature.

Stir the soup occasionally. After about fifteen to twenty minutes, you can scoop the soup into a bowl and enjoy.

Another quicker method of preparing Campbell’s Soup is using a microwave. For this method, you need to pour the soup contents into a microwave-safe bowl and cover it with a microwave-safe covering, like a small plate.

Heat the soup on high for one to two minutes and then stir. Continue this process until the Soup reaches the desired temperature that you would like.

Sprinkle in Some Color

What Can I Add To My Campbell’s Soup To Enhance the Flavor?

Campbell’s Soup is fantastic without adding any extra ingredients, but if you want to add some variety to your soup, you can try several different ingredients.

Spice It Up Some

Adding fresh or dried spices to your soup while the soup is simmering and warming up is a great and easy way to add a kick.

Some great spices to try are smoked paprika for a touch of sweetness, curry powder adds a ton of flavor, rosemary brings a great deal of earthiness to the bowl or even cayenne pepper for an extra big kick.

Sprinkle in Some Color

Adding some fresh greens to your soup can really jazz up the flavor. Try adding a handful of spinach leaves that have been wilted for a few minutes to add some zing.

Or you can garnish your soup with fresh-cut thyme or green onions to add flavor and color.

Cut It Back With Some Acid

Cut It Back With Some Acid

A bit of acidity added to any dish helps balance out the flavors and gives some more body, especially to a soup.

Adding a splash of lemon juice or red wine vinegar, which can also provide great health benefits, is a great way to spice up your Campbell’s Soup. You can also add a dash of hot sauce for acid and spice.

Pump Up the Smell

Putting aromatics into your Campbell’s Soup is a perfect add-in. All you need to do is simply grab a few items from your garden or kitchen, like garlic, onions, or even celery and bell peppers, and give them a quick saute first.

Then add a pinch of salt and pepper, add you have the perfect touch to the perfect soup, thus creating a fantastic bowl of goodness and an unbelievable aroma.

Final Thoughts

So, does Campbell’s Soup go bad or expire? If properly stored, it will last for years.

Campbell’s Soup is the perfect comfort food for any day and occasion. And the great thing about the soup is that it can last a long time if properly stored, so you can enjoy it any time you want.