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Does Nesquik powder expire? (And can you eat it?)

Does Nesquik powder expire? (And can you eat it?)

Nesquik powder does not have an expiration date the way that other products do. It is very unlikely that you will get sick from eating it regardless of how long it has been up on your shelf.

That said, you should use common sense and check the coloring of the powder before you consume it to ensure that it has not become spoiled at any point in the process.

This is to say that you ought to make sure it has not yellowed or become contaminated by anything that you don’t want to ingest.

Nesquik Powder Remains Full-Flavored for up to 2 Years

Many people will throw out groceries on or after their expiration date.

Given that many grocery products do go bad after their expiration date, it is likely a wise choice to discard them if you are approaching that date or have already passed it.

nesquik powder at breakfast

In either of those cases, you are taking the safest course of action to keep yourself and anyone else in your home as safe as possible.

All of that said, Nesquik powder retains its full flavor and vitamin content for between 18 to 24 months after it was first manufactured.

It is highly recommended that you use Nesquik powder before it reaches its expiration date. However, the powder remains safe for consumption beyond its expiration date.

It might lose some of its taste and its nutritional value, but you will still be able to consume it without becoming sick.

Nesquik Packaging Has Expiration Dates on it: Why?

Nesquik Packaging Has Expiration Dates on it: Why?

You might reasonably ask yourself why you see a printed expiration date on the Nesquik powder that you purchase if there isn’t truly a risk to your health to consume it at any time.

There is a primary reason why these dates exist on Nesquik packaging and it is because that is the date that the company can more or less guarantee the freshness of its product.

It is possible that you will see two different dates on the Nesquik packaging that you purchase. Those dates might include a “Best by” date and a “Sell By” date. These two dates mean two very different things.

The “Best By” date is the date after which the company can no longer guarantee the quality or freshness of its product. The quality of that product might quickly decline after that date.

You should attempt to consume the powder long before that date if at all possible.


The other date that you may see is the “Sell By” date. This date is used by grocery store managers and others to ensure that they rotate their inventory through the system properly.

It is very important for managers to make sure they are only stocking products that will have the highest quality levels possible.

After all, grocery stores do NOT want to sell something that isn’t going to live up to its full potential.

What Happens to Nesquik Powder That Has Been Around for a Long Time?

What Happens to Powder That Has Been Around for a Long Time?

As long as Nesquik powder is safely stored, the only thing that will happen with the powder is that it might lose some of its taste and some of the nutritional value attached to it.

You might notice that your dairy beverage with Nesquik powder in it simply does not taste the way that you know and love.

You are probably best served by simply throwing out the powder at that time and just purchase some fresh Nesquik powder the next time you go to the store.

Always be on the lookout for any signs of something getting into your Nesquik powder container.

If there is cross-contamination between your Nesquik powder and something else, then it is possible that this will become risky for your health. Don’t take a chance on something like that.

You can enjoy Nesquik powder without the risk as long as you keep it sealed up and protected.

Does Nesquik Powder Have Caffeine?

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer some of your other burning questions about Nesquik powder, including:

Does Nesquik Powder Have Caffeine?

The Strawberry and Vanilla flavors of Nesquik are entirely caffeine-free. The Chocolate and Double Chocolate flavors are almost fully caffeine-free as well.

There is just a trace amount of caffeine in those two products due to the natural caffeine that exists in chocolate.

It is possible for you to use Nesquik powder in any beverage that you might want to.

Does Nesquik Chocolate Milk Need to be Refrigerated?

Does Nesquik Chocolate Milk Need to be Refrigerated?

Nesquik chocolate milk is made to be shelf-stable. This means that it can be safely stored without refrigeration.

However, you will need to remember to put the milk in the fridge for safekeeping after you have opened it for the first time.

Does Strawberry Nesquik Powder Expire?

Does Strawberry Nesquik Powder Expire?

You will still find an expiration date on the packaging for strawberry Nesquik powder. However, it falls along the same lines as chocolate Nesquik powder.

This is to say that if the expiration date passes, it might lose some of its taste and vitamin content.

However, it will remain safe to drink strawberry Nesquik powder long after the expiration date. It is meant to retain its quality for between 18 to 24 months, and it will be safe to consume beyond that time period.

That said, it might not taste quite how you want it to.