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Does White Claw Expire or Go Bad?

Does White Claw Expire or Go Bad?

White Claw has taken the world by storm as a trendy seltzer that is low-carb, low-sugar, and packed with refreshing fruity flavors. It currently ranks in the top 5 among popular liquors and most famous drinks worldwide.

If you’ve ever had a White Claw, you might be wondering when it will expire. And, you might be wondering just how long it takes for your White Claw to expire.

So, if you want to know the technical details–no, White Claw does not technically “expire”, so long as the can is left unopened and in proper storage conditions. However, it is to be expected that your White Claw drink will, in fact, lose carbonation over time.

Does White Claw Have an Expiration Date?

Does White Claw Have an Expiration Date


Actually, the date printed on the White Claw box (and bottles, on some production lines), is representative of the actual production date itself. This date does not indicate the expiration date of the White Claw, as there is currently no expiration date for the beverage.

Does White Claw Have a Freshness Date?

While White Claw does not have an official expiration date, it is recommended to consume the beverage no later than one year after its production date. Consuming White Claw longer than a year after it has been produced can lead to a significant drop in carbonation and a taste of change.

How Do I Interpret the White Claw Expiration Date/Code

How Do I Interpret the White Claw Expiration Date Code

Although White Claw seltzer drinks do not include a traditional expiration date, they do include their very own expiration code. The code provided on each White Claw package (and sometimes can) will help the consumer to determine the production date and the potential freshness of the beverage.

In some cases, you may require a magnifying glass in order to see the code clearly, as it is printed in small letters and numbers beneath the cap of the White Claw. The code that will be printed beneath a cap on a White Claw beverage will appear in a similar format:


This string of letters and numbers can be interpreted as the numbers representing the month of February and the year 2023. The abbreviation ‘MI’ stands for the state of Michigan, in which the White Claw was brewed and/or manufactured.

From this date, you can drink the White Claw beverage for up to one year without missing out on any taste or carbonation benefits.

How Long Will White Claw Last Once It Has Been Opened?

How Long Will White Claw Last Once It Has Been Opened

Opening your White Claw beverage immediately exposes it to oxidation, which will not only impact its flavor and carbonation, but also the drink’s color (in a much shorter period of time). After you have opened your White Claw beverage, it is recommended to drink it immediately.

In some cases, it may be possible to store your White Claw open safely for up to two to four days, depending on where and how it is stored.

Allowing an open White Claw to sit will result in the growth of bacteria and mold, even if you store the White Claw in the refrigerator for an extended period of time. It is always best to drink an opened White Claw as quickly as possible to prevent the loss of flavor, carbonation, and the possibility of mold growth.

How Much Alcohol is in White Claw?

How Much Alcohol is in White Claw

While White Claw is one of the most popular seltzers, many may be wondering just how much alcohol comes in a standard can. In most of the standard White Claw 12 fl oz can Hard Seltzers and Spiked Iced Teas, the alcohol content is approximately 5%.

For those who are interested in the White Claw Hard Seltzer Surge, the alcohol content comes in a bit higher at 8%.

How Many White Claws Equal an Entire Bottle of Wine?

How Many White Claws Equal an Entire Bottle of Wine When shopping for a standard bottle of wine, you’re likely to encounter standard sizes that include 750 ML, or 25.4 fl oz bottles. This size of a bottle of wine is equivalent to two 12 fl oz cans of White Claw (regardless of flavor).

So, if you choose to purchase an entire case of 12 cans of White Claw seltzers, it is equal to purchasing 6 total bottles of wine.

Related Questions

What Type of Drink is a White Claw?

A White Claw is considered a classic malt beverage seltzer. It is also considered a hard seltzer, which is made from a mixture of alcohol, natural fruit flavors, and plenty of sparkling water for an impressive level of carbonation.

Is Drinking White Claw Healthy For You?

Is Drinking White Claw Healthy For You

White Claw is not technically a “health food” drink. However, it is not one of the worst drinks to consume, especially when it comes to processed beverages and mixed cocktails available on the market.

In most of the White Claw 12 fl oz cans, there are approximately 100 calories. This is extremely appealing to those who are watching their weight or caloric intake.

To put White Claw in perspective, a typical glass of wine (4-5 fl oz when poured) comes in at around 120 to 140 or more calories. With White Claw, you can drink nearly double the amount for the same amount of calories.

What Are the Main Ingredients Found in White Claw?

Finding alcohol that is right for you (especially when it comes to seltzers and malt beverages) is not always easy if you have food sensitivities or allergies. The main ingredients found in White Claw beverages include:

  • Purified carbonated water
  • Alcohol
  • Natural flavors (which may include up to 2,000 ingredients)
  • Cane sugar
  • Citric acid
  • Natural fruit juice concentrate (depending on the type of White Claw seltzer you are drinking)
  • Sodium citrate

What Type of Alcohol is Found in White Claw?

White Claw is created using a combination of different liquids and ingredients, including:

  • Seltzer water
  • Gluten-free alcohol
  • Fruit flavoring (depending on the flavor of the beverage)

What Does White Claw Taste Like?

If you are new to seltzers, it’s important to know that they are not packed with an overabundance of sugar and/or artificial flavors. White Claw has notes that are similar to LaCroix, tasting better once extremely chilled or served over ice.

What Flavors Does White Claw Offer?

Currently, White Claw offers numerous flavors along with different flavor packs for times of the year (including seasonal packs). Some of the most popular flavors of White Claw include:

  • Black cherry
  • Ruby grapefruit
  • Lime
  • Surge cranberry
  • Cherry
  • Wild Berry
  • Strawberry Lime
  • Blueberry

What Happens If I Drink Expired White Claw?

What Happens If I Drink Expired White Claw

Most of the time, nothing. In most cases, drinking a White Claw that has been around for more than a year will simply result in a duller experience in terms of taste, flavor, and, of course, carbonation.

If you are attempting to drink White Claw, which has been sitting open for more than a year, you are putting yourself at risk of being exposed to a variety of forms of mold and bacteria. These can result in an upset stomach, diarrhea, and even feelings of stomach upset and a hangover, depending on the number of bacteria found on the can or drink itself.

What Is The Best Way to Store White Claw?

Because White Claw is considered a malt beverage, it is important to consider how you go about storing your drinks, whether you are hosting a party or stocking up.

Any time you are storing a malt beverage, such as White Claw, temperature changes matter. Once the White Claw has been placed into the refrigerator or another form of a cooler, it’s important not to remove it repeatedly, allowing it to come down to room temperature.

The same also applies in reverse. Do not keep White Claw at room temperature and then place it in the refrigerator only to remove it again at a later time.

You have two ways of storing White Claw properly that will allow you to extend its shelf life: storing the White Claw drinks in a properly refrigerated space or storing them in an unrefrigerated, dark, cool, location that is suitable for beverage storage.

Keeping your White Claw indefinitely is possible even if you choose to store the drinks outside of a fridge, freezer, or cooler, which is another reason they have become increasingly popular around the globe.

Are There Any Advantages to Drinking Seltzers Such as White Claw?

Choosing the right drink for you can ultimately help you to feel better while watching your calories. Some of the most notable advantages of seltzers such as White Claw include:

  • Ideal for low-carb diets: Due to lower sugar content and a lower glycemic index, seltzers are ideal for low-carb diets, such as the Ketogenic diet.
  • Fewer calories: If you’re watching your weight, a 12 fl oz White Claw will only set you back around 100 calories.

Final Thoughts

White Claw is a drink that you can theoretically keep on hand well, indefinitely. Although you will likely not want to do so due to it losing its carbonation. However, if you’re in search of a seltzer, that is on the healthier side and will last the longest, White Claw is a wise choice.