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Is It Ok to Eat Jalapenos With Brown Seeds?

Is It Ok to Eat Jalapenos With Brown Seeds?

You can eat jalapenos with brown seeds. However, if there are any signs of white or grayish mold fuzz inside or around the seeds, you should discard the jalapeno.

What Color Are Jalapeno Seeds Supposed to Be?

What Color Are Jalapeno Seeds Supposed to Be

Cutting into a jalapeno pepper reveals tiny, moist, off-white, or light cream-colored seeds. When the seeds ripen or rot, they become more of a deeper brown shade.

How to Identify Bad Jalapenos

Jalapenos can go bad. But, there are some ways to identify jalapenos that are beyond their prime and should not be eaten. Some of these indicators include the following:

  • Moldy jalapenos – They should be avoided or tossed
  • Wrinkled pods – These jalapenos may be okay for consumption, but the flavor may be off
  • Rotten jalapenos – Avoid jalapenos with brown spots as they are beginning to rot.

How to Identify Healthy Jalapenos

When purchasing jalapenos, try to buy the best peppers possible. To identify the best jalapeno peppers, look for the following:

  • Select firm jalapenos – Try to buy the best peppers that are smooth and firm
  • Choosing spicier peppers – Look for jalapenos that have growth lines or stretch marks
  • Vibrant green or deep red – Either color can say the jalapeno is ready to eat or use in cooking

How to Check How Hot the Jalapenos Are

How to Check How Hot the Jalapenos Are

Have you ever wondered how to select a jalapeno pepper based on its spiciness? Some subtle clues show how hot or spicy the jalapeno pepper may be. These clues to looking for spiciness include the following:

  • Stretch marks or white lines – Jalapeno peppers under stress make spicier peppers. Peppers with stretch marks show peppers have been under stress. Like the vertical white lines, they usually are spicier jalapeno peppers.
  • Red jalapeno peppers – Red peppers have remained on the vine longer. If left on the vine longer, the green pepper turns red and usually produces a sweeter, hotter pepper.
  • Smooth peppers – Smooth green peppers are not as spicy as peppers with stretch marks or white lines.

What Makes Jalapeno Peppers Hot?

What Makes Jalapeno Peppers Hot

The ingredient in peppers that creates heat is the chemical Capiscian. This chemical concentrates more around the seeds and in the rib area of the pepper. So, usually, the hottest part of the pepper is around the seeds or in the rib area, with the tips being less spicy.

How to Bring Down the Heat in a Jalapeno Pepper

Even with hot jalapeno peppers, you can reduce the pepper’s heat. First, slice the pepper vertically, then scrape away the inner rib area and seeds. Make sure to keep your hands away from your face or wear gloves when handling them.

Sometimes the pepper may need more heat after removing the seeds. Add the seeds back to the dish until reaching the proper heat.

How Should You Store Jalapeno Peppers?

How Should You Store Jalapeno Peppers

There are many ways to store Jalapeno peppers. These include pickling or drying, but these methods may alter the texture or taste of the pepper. This article only addresses storing fresh peppers. Also, wash them when ready to eat, not before refrigeration.

Keeping jalapeno peppers fresh requires refrigeration after sitting out for a few days. Storing them on the counter wrapped in plastic is okay but should be placed in the refrigerator. Moving the peppers to the refrigerator would be best before they deteriorate. Once in the refrigerator, they should be suitable for a week or so.