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What Does Baileys Irish Cream Taste Like? (All the Details)

What Does Baileys Irish Cream Taste Like? (All the Details)

Essentially, Baileys Irish Cream is a combination of cream and Irish whiskey. Baileys Original Irish Cream has a smooth, creamy texture with the aromatic qualities of whiskey.

Baileys Irish Cream

Key tasting notes include vanilla, chocolate, and dairy milk.

Read on to learn more about the best ways to incorporate Baileys Irish Cream into mixed drinks and other recipes.

Ways To Use Baileys Irish Cream

You can use Baileys Irish Cream in several ways. Irish cream pops up in all kinds of drinks and dishes as one of the most popular cream-based liqueurs.

Whether you prefer to try Irish cream in a classic coffee beverage or include it in your next dessert recipe, keeping some Baileys Irish Cream on hand is always a good idea.

Mixed Drinks

Mixed Drinks

Most mixed drinks that use Baileys Irish Cream have a rich and sugary flavor profile. The classic cocktail for Baileys Irish Cream is, of course, Irish coffee.

Irish coffee tastes like regular coffee with a fun boozy kick, making it an excellent nightcap on a cold evening.

Other popular Irish cream cocktails include chocolate or espresso martinis and boozy milkshakes. Usually, Baileys Irish Cream is combined with rich flavors, mainly chocolate or coffee.

However, the Baileys brand makes several flavors in addition to the Original Irish Cream, and those specialty flavors often work well in more fruit-centric cocktails.


Baileys Irish Cream also works great in dessert dishes. You can add a complex aromatic flavor to your dessert when you use Irish cream in baked goods, such as cupcakes or pies.

Baileys is also quite yummy in ice cream dishes, such as an affogato or sundae.

When you use Irish cream in a dessert, the dish will have a compelling Irish whiskey taste, which many people end up enjoying.

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Remember that even if you bake a dessert with Baileys Irish cream, there will still be some alcohol in it.

This small amount of alcohol gets distributed throughout the whole dish and probably won’t affect anyone, but it’s worth noting if any eater has a health or dietary restriction.

Best Cocktails With Baileys Irish Cream

When it comes to making cocktails with Baileys Irish Cream, the options are limitless. Here are some popular Irish cocktails that are sure to inspire you.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee

Baileys Irish Cream was invented for Irish coffee. This two-ingredient cocktail only requires coffee and Irish cream. This is an excellent option if you need an easy drink to serve guests.

Irish Hot Chocolate

If you want to stay away from caffeine, consider Irish hot chocolate as an alternative to Irish coffee. Make hot chocolate how you normally would, and then add a splash of Baileys Irish Cream.

Baileys White Russian

A traditional White Russian contains vodka and milk. If that sounds a little bland to you, spruce up this dairy cocktail with Irish cream and garnish it with a cherry.

This cocktail isn’t as indulgent as a milkshake but adds a satisfying sweet flavor.

Irish Cream Mudslide

A mudslide is like ice cream for grownups. You can make a mudslide with just vodka, milk, and chocolate syrup, but true dessert cocktail fans know it always tastes better with Irish cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Irish cream different?

what makes Irish cream different

The key difference between Irish cream and regular cream is whiskey. Irish cream contains either real whiskey or a non-alcoholic whiskey flavor. Classic Irish cream will source both the cream and whiskey from authentic Irish producers.

What does Irish cream at Starbucks taste like?

The Irish cream at Starbucks has chocolate, vanilla, and nutty flavors.

Although Starbucks takes inspiration from real Irish cream, including some of the aromatic and sweet flavors of whiskey, the Irish cream sold at Starbucks does not contain any whiskey.

Why is it called Irish cream?

Irish cream gets its name from Irish whiskey. The product was created and marketed as the central ingredient for Irish coffee, a cocktail that combines liquor and coffee.

By using Irish cream, drinkers could make the cocktail without having to add the liquor and cream separately.

Can you drink Irish cream straight?

Technically, yes, you can drink Irish cream straight. Some people enjoy drinking a shot of Irish cream over ice, similar to a cold glass of milk.

However, Irish cream tends to be an extremely sugary drink, and most people prefer to mix it with something else.

Can Baileys get you drunk?

Yes, Baileys Irish Cream contains alcohol, so if you drink enough you will become intoxicated. Baileys Original Irish Cream has an alcohol content of 17%.

You can compare that to a strong glass of wine (most wine contains between 11% and 20% alcohol).

It would take more Baileys Irish Cream to get you drunk than hard liquor, but after several shots, you would likely start to feel the Irish cream’s effects.

Furthermore, since Irish cream has a lot of sugar, the nausea or hangover you might get from the alcohol may be more severe than certain other alcoholic beverages.

What does Baileys go well with?

what does Baileys go well with

Aside from the cocktails listed above, there are a few foods to pair Baileys with. If you’re looking for a snack, then go for cherries and unsalted nuts.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a dessert pairing, pair it with a slice of plain cheesecake.