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Do Graham Crackers Go Bad Or Expire?

Do Graham Crackers Go Bad Or Expire?

Graham Crackers are a tasty, fun treat that we often associate with campfires. After all, what’s more tasty and fun than a deliciously messy S’more? The graham cracker is, of course, what holds the whole mushy treat together.

These sweet crackers are also great for pies and to dip in milk at snack time. Unfortunately, the Reverend Sylvester Graham, the man responsible for inventing the cracker would be very unhappy about all of this.

When he came up with the original version in 1829, it was not to be enjoyed, but rather to save souls.

The good reverend was against wheat. He thought that white flour was a sin. He also thought meat, sugar, alcohol, coffee, and tea would send you south as well.

So he developed a flat, sugarless, tasteless wafer to take the place of bread, cookies, and anything that tasted good.

Unfortunately, the reverend passed on at a young age, but thankfully the National Biscuit Company took the idea and tweaked it. They added sugar, honey, cinnamon, and, of course, preservatives to extend the shelf life.

But even with those additives, your Graham Crackers will eventually expire and can go bad. The good news is you will likely finish them before that happens.

How Long Do Graham Crackers Last?

How Long Do Graham Crackers Last

When stored in a cool, dry place, unopened Graham crackers will stay fresh for about 6 to 9 months. Once opened, the crackers can last 4 to 6 weeks if kept in an airtight container.

Are Graham Crackers Safe To Eat After Their Expiration Date?

As long as the crackers have been properly stored and the package is not damaged, they are safe to eat.

The date on the package is not a safety date, rather it is how long the manufacturer believes the crackers will stay at their maximum freshness.

How Can You Tell If Graham Crackers Are Bad?

How Can You Tell If Graham Crackers Are Bad

If the graham cracker has mold, it’s not OK to eat. Additionally, if they have a funny smell, are mushy, or discolored, they should be thrown out.

Can You Refrigerate Or Freeze Graham Crackers?

It is not recommended that you do either. When placed in the fridge, the crackers will absorb moisture and become mushy. They will still be safe to eat, but probably not enjoyable.

Similarly, when placed in the freezer, the graham crackers will develop ice crystals that will make the cracker soggy when it defrosts.

What Can You Do With Stale Graham Crackers?

There are a few things you can do with stale graham crackers other than throw them away. The first is to “re-crisp” them. If the crackers are just soft, but otherwise OK, bring them back to life.

Spread them out in a single layer on a baking sheet. Sprinkle a little water on them with your fingers. Then bake for 6 to 10 minutes at 350 degrees, and voila. Your Grahams will be crispy once more.

If you don’t want to do all that, you can add soft Graham Crackers to:

  • cereal and milk
  • pudding
  • yogurt
  • ice cream
  • milkshakes
  • cool whip

What Can You Use As A Substitute For Graham Crackers?

What Can You Use As A Substitute For Graham Crackers

So, you go to grab your tasty graham crackers out of the pantry for a delicious recipe, only to find there are no crackers. Who was the cracker thief?

No time for that now, you need a substitute immediately.

Don’t worry, you’re bound to have one of these great replacements lying around:

  • chocolate chip cookies
  • ice cream cones
  • cereal
  • crushed oats
  • shortbread cookies
  • animal crackers
  • pretzels
  • macaroons
  • ginger snaps
  • granola
  • vanilla wafers

Whether you need them whole, crushed, or baked in, these are all great choices as they have a similar taste and texture to graham crackers.

How Can You Keep The Graham Crackers From Falling Apart in A Crust?

So, you found your graham crackers and you’ve crushed them up to make a tasty pie crust. But you’ve heard horror stories about how hard it is to make a graham cracker crust stick.

Well, never fear, here are some surefire tips for a great graham cracker crust.

1. Keep It Simple

Don’t add a lot of unnecessary ingredients. Butter, sugar, and graham crackers are all you need for a killer crust.

2. Mix Properly

Mix Properly

Mix in the sugar and the graham cracker first. The butter goes in last. Yes, it matters. The butter is one of the keys to making sure the crust doesn’t fall apart.

3. Pour The Mix Into A Pie Dish

Using the back of a metal or glass measuring cup, begin pressing in the middle and work your way up the sides. Don’t be afraid to press firmly. This is the other key. If you don’t press hard, it won’t stick.

4. Bake or Chill

Bake or Chill

Baking is preferred because it allows the butter and sugar to bind, ensuring that the crust will be firm. If you must chill, the crust will need to be refrigerated for several hours to allow time for the butter to harden.

What Are Some Graham Cracker Recipes That Don’t Involve S’mores Or Pie Crust?

No matter how much of a fan you are of S’mores, you may, from time to time, want to try your Graham Cracker a different way.

Here are a few ideas:

  • graham cracker peanut butter balls
  • vanilla berry parfait
  • graham almond bars
  • graham cracker fudge
  • praline strips
  • southern banana split cake
  • graham cracker ice cream sandwiches
  • berry frozen yogurt sandwiches
  • chocolate covered graham crackers