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Can You Freeze Oreos?

Can You Freeze Oreos?

Oreos appeared in 1912 and became an American cookie classic, nearly as beloved as baseball and apple pie. What happens when you have too many packages of Oreo Cookies, and they’re at risk of going stale on the shelf?

Can you freeze Oreos to keep them fresh?

Yes, you can freeze Oreos to keep them fresh and extend their shelf life. Oreos will stay fresh for about eight months in your freezer.

Let’s examine why and how you might want to freeze your Oreos.

What Are the Oreo Ingredients?

The ingredients in Oreos explain why they freeze so well. The only ingredients in these cookies are flour, sugar, oil, cocoa, corn syrup, baking soda, salt, soy lecithin, chocolate, and artificial flavors.

The only items a home cook won’t have in the pantry are soy lecithin and artificial flavors, which are commercial food additives.

These ingredients in Oreos let them hold up well in the freezer and come out in much the same state they went in. Freezing slows the aging process and keeps them in top shape longer.

Oreo Ingredients

Can You Freeze Oreos for Years?

Any food frozen for over a year will degrade in quality compared to its fresh alternative. Freezer burn is a problem that can ruin any food but is especially noticeable in frozen meat.

Properly wrapped Oreos will stay fresh for about eight months.

Can You Freeze Oreos for Years

Why Freeze Oreos?

Most people will never need to freeze Oreos. Once they purchase a package, it doesn’t stay in the house long enough to need preservation. People eat the cookies long before they have a chance to go stale.

A coupon or sale that drops the price of Oreos can make them worth buying in bulk to save money. Each package has a “best by” date stamped on it to let you know how long your unopened Oreos will stay fresh. They usually don’t start going stale for at least a couple of weeks past that date.

Bulk purchases of Oreos might mean that some cookies sit in the pantry long past that date and are in danger of losing their freshness. Freezing some packages of Oreos might be a good idea, especially if the room with the pantry is hot or humid.

Heat and humidity will make the cookies lose their freshness faster, so if you don’t eat cookies within two or three weeks of their “best by” dates, especially in the summer, freezing them is a good idea.

How to Freeze Oreos

Some foods can be put directly into a freezer in their original packaging, especially for short-term freezing. However, Oreos kept in their packaging are at risk of absorbing dampness and odors. Moisture and odors from the freezer will ruin the texture and taste of the cookies.

To freeze Oreos for the best quality, put the unopened package into a freezer-safe container or freezer bag. The thickness of containers and bags meant for freezer use keeps moisture and odors out.

You can also remove them from the original package and put them into an airtight container designed for freezing or resealable freezer bags.

Keep them as close to the back or bottom of your freezer as possible, especially if you plan to keep them frozen for several months. Avoid keeping them on or near the freezer door, where they’ll be exposed to different temperatures every time you open the freezer.

How to Freeze Oreos

How to Use Frozen Oreos

When you’re ready to eat your stored Oreos, remove them from the freezer and let them thaw on a countertop for one to two hours.

Be careful handling the package to avoid breaking the cookies. Oreos are brittle while frozen and can crumble much easier. They also may be more prone to breaking after thawing.

You can also eat them straight out of the freezer as a sweet, frozen treat. Some people keep a small container of Oreos in the freezer specifically to eat as a frozen dessert cookie.

How to Use Frozen Oreos

Related Questions

Let’s answer some common questions about how to freeze Oreos.

Can you freeze Oreos wrong?

Most of the time, frozen Oreos will come out of the freezer as fresh as the day they went in, but if you don’t put them in an airtight container, you can ruin them. Leaving them in the freezer too long can degrade their quality and leave them freezer-burnt and dry. The cookies will be safe to eat, but you might not enjoy them.

What’s the best way to freeze Oreos?

In addition to sealing the package well, make sure your freezer is at the proper temperature of 0° F. If the conditions are not cold enough, then you run the risk of ruining all your food, including the Oreos. A freezer that’s too warm has more moisture and odors that can change the taste of foods and is a food safety problem that can cause meat and perishables to spoil.

Why are there ice crystals on my frozen Oreos?

A light layer of frostiness is normal on frozen food, but if your cookies have a coating of ice, they either weren’t sealed well or have been in the freezer too long or both. Those cookies are at risk of becoming soggy as they thaw. Remove the ice before thawing them if you can, but the taste probably won’t be good.

Can I eat Oreos I’ve had in the freezer for years?

Any food frozen at a temperature of 0° F will be safe to eat when thawed properly, even raw meat. Food can’t spoil at that temperature. If you lost a package of Oreos in the freezer for more than a year, even five years, you can thaw the cookies and taste them. Don’t be surprised if they’ve lost their taste and texture.

Wrap Up

Most Oreos don’t last long enough to need freezing, but if you find yourself with a bounty of these delicious cookies, can you freeze Oreos to keep them fresh?

Yes! Freeze them in an airtight container or bag meant for freezing, and use them within six to eight months for the best quality.