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Can You Freeze Peanuts In The Shell?

Can You Freeze Peanuts In The Shell?

Peanuts have protein, fiber, potassium, B vitamins, phosphorus, and magnesium. Despite causing a high caloric intake when consuming them, the nutrient density and being lower in carbohydrates outweighs this setback.

You can prolong the shelf life of peanuts in their shells. Can you freeze peanuts in the shell? Absolutely! Grab a large enough freezer bag to house your raw peanuts and place them in. They will be fresh in the freezer for at least one year.  

Learn freezing and defrosting methods for peanuts in the shell and what snacks and meals you can add to your defrosted peanuts. Grab your favorite raw peanuts for a snack as you read!

How Do You Freeze Raw Peanuts In The Shell (Exact Methods)?

Freeze raw peanuts in the shell by following these simple steps to maintain optimal freshness:

  • If you have a bulk stock that you want to freeze, split the raw peanuts up into piles that can fit into the freezer bags you have on hand.
  • Wrap each pile up with plastic wrap or freezer wrap.
  • Push gently onto each pile of peanuts to release any extra air.
  • Place each pile of wrapped peanuts into its freezer bag.
  • Push gently on the bag to release excess air.
  • Zip up each bag and place them flat in your freezer.

split the raw peanuts up into piles for freeze

Alternatively, if you do not have plastic wrap or specialty freezer wrap on hand, you can use a rigid plastic container that you have on hand. Open the container, place the raw peanuts in the shell inside, make sure the lid is tightly closed, and place it into your freezer.

Why Would You Want To Freeze Raw Peanuts?

You may want to freeze peanuts to extend their shelf life. Raw peanuts in the shell do not last as long at room temperature compared to how long they last in the refrigerator or freezer.

Perhaps you are not ready to use your raw peanuts within the first few months after you purchase them. Hence, freezing them can allow you to get ready for the homemade recipe that you want to make that features these raw peanuts.

How Long Do Peanuts In The Shell Last?

Without freezing or refrigerating, peanuts in the shell last for only about four months. Deshelled peanuts last an even shorter time than shelled peanuts, passing their prime quality after only one month.

Keep the shell intact to maintain optimal freshness. It protects the nut inside from the outside air and mold.

If you do not use all of your raw peanuts in the shell in the pantry within a month, try freezing the rest with one of the above methods before the other three months are up. Months could go by before you remember you have fresh peanuts in your cabinet.

Prevent having to discard them by freezing them sooner rather than later.

How Long Do Peanuts In The Shell Last

How Do You Defrost Raw Peanuts (Exact Methods)?

If you can freeze peanuts in the shell, they can defrost for you to use in your meals and snacks. Rather than taking all of the peanuts you have on hand out of the freezer to defrost, only remove what you need for a recipe so you can keep the rest frozen.

Defrost your peanuts in the shell by following one of these procedures. Either way, your peanuts will be defrosted and ready to use within a couple of hours.

Defrost Raw Peanuts

Place Them In The Fridge

Put the bag of frozen peanuts in the shell into your refrigerator. After a couple of hours, check to be sure that you can break the shell to get to the peanut. If the peanut shell is still too hard to crack, this means that they need more time to defrost.

Alternatively, you can leave the frozen peanuts in the fridge overnight until you are ready to make your recipe the next day.

Let Them Sit On The Counter

Having your frozen raw peanuts sit on the counter allows for slightly faster defrosting. Once you set the bag of frozen peanuts on the counter, check them within an hour and a half with the same shell-cracking method to check if they are fully defrosted.

If you end up not using all of the defrosted peanuts for your recipe, be sure to put them back into the refrigerator. Raw peanuts can last in the refrigerator in an airtight container for four to six months.

Can You Freeze Roasted Peanuts?

If you have roasted peanuts instead of raw, you can freeze roasted peanuts. Their toasted taste is not affected when you defrost them as long as you eat them within a month after freezing them.

How Can I Eat My Defrosted Peanuts In The Shell?

There are many ways to eat your defrosted peanuts in the shell. Here are ways you can enjoy your peanuts.

How Can I Eat My Defrosted Peanuts

Eat Them As Is

Raw peanuts are a great accompaniment to a cheese and fruit tray for a balanced and nutritious snack. Try raw peanuts with an apple and some cubed white sharp cheddar cheese for a salty, sweet, and nutty snack option.

Pair raw peanuts with banana slices and grapes for a fresh take on the popular PBJ.

Peanut Butter Spread

Speaking of PBJ, you can make your peanut butter spread at home from defrosted peanuts in the shell. Use the fresh peanut butter spread to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or cookies, or put it on your morning toast.

Peanut Butter Spread


Put Them In Your Cookies

Make your chocolate chip cookies unique, nutty, and upscale by placing shelled peanuts into the dough. The peanuts will offer a crisp and salty crunch that accompanies the sweetness of the chocolate chips.


So can you freeze peanuts in the shell? Yes, go for it! Not only can you extend their shelf life by freezing them, but you can also plan out snacks and various meals throughout the month and year that call for fresh peanuts.

Besides the snacks we suggested, peanuts are great additions to Chinese, Thai, and African savory dishes you can make at home.