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Can You Microwave Uncrustables?

Can You Microwave Uncrustables?

Uncrustables is a brand name for crustless sandwiches that also happen to be sealed, preventing leaks.

Which means they should be easy to make in the microwave, right?

Sadly, you cannot microwave Uncrustables. Using a microwave can cause the ingredients in Uncrustables to become too hot too quickly, resulting in a safety hazard. Essentially, you risk burning the inside of your mouth and hands if any ingredients leak through the crust.

So, although using a microwave may sound like a completely reasonable tool to use, and although nothing can stop you from trying it, it’s not recommended for these crustless, sealed sandwiches of goodness.

Why the Microwave Should be Avoided

Why the Microwave Should be Avoided

Heading for the microwave may be your first instinct when it comes to reheating pre-cooked or premade food.

And that instinct makes complete sense because most pre-cooked or premade food has a microwave heating option.That’s not the case with Uncrustables, however!

And when you stop to think about it, not using the microwave also makes sense in this case.

Uncrustables are small and classic varieties are made up of bread, peanut butter, jelly, or hazelnut spread. None of these items are complicated, even when packed with meat and cheese.

So, when frozen, they aren’t incredibly hard or difficult to thaw out nor do they take long to do so. In fact, they all thaw out pretty quickly.

Remember, these are crustless, sealed sandwiches. They’re meant to replicate cold or room-temperature sandwiches.

Now, if you take a product like Uncrustables that thaws out fast and put it in a microwave, you risk essentially superheating the entire thing. If that happens, you run the risk of superheating the inside of your mouth or skin. If you’ve ever burned your mouth or tongue on hot, melted cheese, you know what this means.

In addition, microwaving can also cause the bread to become thawed too quickly, leading to moisture retention instead of evaporation.

So, in a way, you can microwave Uncrustables if you’re looking for a snack that’s overheated on the inside and soggy on the outside.

Should you? Absolutely not, according to Smuckers and we agree.

Tips for Microwaving Uncrustables

Tips for Microwaving Uncrustables

Yes, we believe you shouldn’t microwave Uncrustables, especially if you’re preparing them for kids. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

However, there are places on the internet that do have recommendations on how you can prepare Uncrustables in the microwave.

If you choose this path, remember to:

  1. Keep the Uncrustables sealed in their plastic pouches. Do not open any pouches to vent prior to microwaving. The pouch will act as a protective barrier if your Uncrustables explode.
  2. Also, do not thaw before using the microwave. Only use the microwave when an Uncrustable is fresh out of the freezer.
  3. Only microwave an individual Uncrustable for 30 seconds. Any more and you risk testing the pouch’s ability to contain an exploding Uncrustable.
  4. Let the Uncrustable rest for a couple of minutes. Remember, the internal temperature will be very hot.

Again, though, we don’t recommend microwaving any Uncrustables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dive into why Uncrustables are so popular along with the different ways you can store and prepare them without causing harm to you or any other Uncrustables enthusiasts.

What is the Main Way to Serve Uncrustables?

What is the Main Way to Serve Uncrustables?

When it comes to Uncrustables, the vast majority of them are allowed to thaw for about 30 to 60 minutes and eaten slightly cold or at room temperature.

Because they’re usually used as a snack or lunch for kids, they tend to be a quick, go-to option for hungry mouths, especially as an after-school snack.

If you decide to pack Uncrustables for lunch (for yourself or your kids), it’s recommended to include an ice pack with them in a lunch box or lunch bag to keep them cold.

How Do You Thaw and Uncrustable?

How Do You Thaw and Uncrustable?

That’s a tough one.

Okay, not really. Just take it out of the freezer and let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes. That’s it. If it’s soft enough to bite, it should be soft enough to eat.

Other ways to thaw include slowly in a lunch bag with an ice pack or using the heat of your hands.

Can You Toast Uncrustables?

Can You Toast Uncrustables?

You’re not restricted to eating Uncrustables cold all the time. Although Smucker’s doesn’t recommend heating at all, you can choose to toast your Uncrustables.

It doesn’t carry the explosive potential of a microwave, but you still need to be aware that it will be hot.

And remove it from the pouch before toasting.

Can You Refrigerate Uncrustables?

Can You Refrigerate Uncrustables?

Yes, but only for about a day once thawed. After that, the bread may begin to dry out.

Can You Refreeze Uncrustables?

Sure, but it’s not recommended. In this case, refreezing may lead to the development of ice crystals, causing the bread to become soggy once thawed again.

Why are Uncrustables Popular?

The fact they’re sealed with things like peanut butter, jelly, or hazelnut spread makes them extremely popular among kids, youths, and pretty much anyone who loves tasty, quick, and simple snacks.

The fact they’re premade and frozen makes them very popular and convenient for parents. In many ways, it’s hard to imagine them not being popular.

Oh, and they’re highly portable and almost completely mess-free. Unless you blow one up in the microwave.